Cameras and Lobster Vision

Whether you're looking for a bespoke time lapse experience for your short term venture or flexible site monitoring for long term construction, demolition, rail, media or renewables project we've got a solution for you. Explore our time lapse cameras and our unique site monitoring tool 'Lobster Vision' for stakeholder engagement and minute by minute project monitoring.


The Lobster Pot: Time Lapse Camera Solutions in 4K and 8K

We designed the Lobster Pot because we couldn't find a time lapse camera with the quality we wanted for our clients. We've put a lot of time, effort and money in making it the best solution you can get – with great quality, flexibility, reliability and control. 


Independent, Secure Communications

The Lobster Pot camera system is the first time lapse camera to use 'cellular as standard' – a big advantage since cable connections on sites are often unreliable and low-bandwidth. All the components are in one unit, making installation much simpler. All we need is power - or we can provide a high-capacity solar unit, shipped straight to site.

As a service provider rather than a camera seller, we take responsibility for the 3G or 4G network connection: uptime is guaranteed, anywhere. We take security very seriously, so all our communications are transmitted over a secure VPN. Our private servers based in the EU means your data will never fall into the wrong hands.



Proudly Designed and Built in Bristol, United Kingdom

In 2012, we developed an entirely new, custom built unit: the MR1. This makes the Lobster Pot even easier and more flexible to install,  and has an even higher degree of weather protection than before. The MR1 Lobster Pot and MR1X 'Extreme' have been used in Finland in midwinter (tested to -45°) and on shipping in the North Sea.  

Our patented Crab control and monitoring device (GB Patent 2499637) helps make our construction photography system a world-beater. It monitors power, voltages and temperature - and can even trigger the time lapse camera. If there's a power failure, it will use the SMS system to alert us, and it can be used in solar/wind powered systems to safely schedule low-power mode.

We also design our own circuitry, control software, monitoring hardware and software - using our many years of experience to make the best possible time lapse solutions for you.


Lobster Pot 360°

And now discover Lobster 360° now integrating full-360 panoramic functions right in Lobster Vision. This gets right to the heart of your project with a complete 360-degree view from any device, anywhere in the world. Find out more about 360° here


Guaranteed or We'll Fix it for Free!

The Lobster Pot camera has multiple control and monitoring systems to ensure constant service and zero downtime. We monitor all the time lapse cameras on the Lobster network, every day of the year - with both our computerised systems and human operators - and we have rock-solid systems and procedures in place to control all aspects of the Lobster Pot remotely.

In the unlikely event of a fault, we'll take responsibility. And if we can't fix it remotely, we'll visit the site – whether it's Crawley or China – at no charge.  If the camera is damaged by external factors, we'll work with you to get it up and running as soon as possible. It's all part of our unbeatable, end-to-end service level agreement.