Digital Construction Solutions 

Whether you're looking for a bespoke time lapse experience for your short term venture, or flexible site monitoring for a long term construction, demolition or renewables project with our pioneering BIM integration - we've got a solution for you. Find out more below.


The Lobster Pot: Time Lapse Camera Solutions in 4K and 8K

We designed the Lobster Pot because we couldn't find a time lapse camera with the quality we wanted for our clients. We've put a lot of time, effort and investment in making it the best solution you can get – with great quality, flexibility, reliability and control. All we need is power - or we can provide a high-capacity solar unit, shipped straight to site.

As a service provider rather than a camera seller, we take responsibility for the 3G or 4G network connection: uptime is guaranteed, anywhere. We take security very seriously, so all our communications are transmitted over a secure VPN. Our private servers based in the EU means your data is in the safest of hands.



Lobster Vision: Our World-Beating Time Lapse Viewing Platform

Not all time lapse viewers are created equal! At their most basic, the majority of professional monitored time lapse viewing platforms will allow the user to log in and view all the images captured of their project. However, we’ve spent years developing Lobster Vision, so that it delivers so much more. Read more here or try it out for yourself here.



Pioneering BIM Integration: Supporting Your Digital Construction Project

With Lobster Vision Building Information Modelling (BIM) integration - the first of its kind - you can view and share your model, accurately aligned with the high-resolution photographic record, from anywhere, helping you to achieve Level 2 or 3 BIM compliance on your construction project. Placing the model directly into the as-built record means you can compare the model from any camera angle, at any time in the past, and ‘fast forward’ to see how the building will look into the future. Try out a live BIM-enabled demo camera above.


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