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BIM Integration

The ultimate project management tool. Connect your 4D BIM design to visualise the future.

Via the Lobster Vision platform your BIM-enabled cameras allow you to compare the as-built record with your 4D model. Scroll backwards or forwards in time allowing clearer visualisation of your project. Improve communication between stakeholders, design and project teams and therefore improve efficiency by keeping you on track and on budget.

Live BIM-enabled camera


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Track your project in 4D

Visualise what the next stage in the design model is, versus your as-built progress on site. 
Communicate timeframes visually in meetings and presentations to coordinate and motivate your team.
Stay on track by easily identifying if you're running behind schedule or ahead of the planned timeline.
Plan materials workflow and team actions needed to reach each milestone.
Make better strategic decisions based on live data directly from the site.
Save on time, budget and resources by maximising efficiency.

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