On Site and Off Site Technical Stamina


Working with Us

If you want time lapse cameras recording footage from an array of heights, situations, in all kinds of weather conditions and time frames then look no further. Our technicians have a huge amount of experience, training and accreditation under their belts to do just that. Equally if your project isn’t in need of such dramatics we take it just as seriously. Ensuring the install of the HD 4K & 8K cameras are exactly where you want them, our team work to create the perfect shot for your short or long term time lapse video project. 


Lobster Vision

Once we’re all happy with camera placement and you’ve been walked through Lobster Vision, our brilliantly intuitive project viewing software, you’ll have access to our dedicated team of editors and developers with backgrounds in the creative sector - broadcast TV, photography, music and graphic design. 

The team will answer any questions you may have, assist with Lobster Vision support and at the end of the project, or sooner if required: we’ll produce a video comprised of your time lapse video footage and day shoots that will capture the imagination of colleagues, broadcasters and the public alike.