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Working With Us

We understand just how important your construction project is to you and your stakeholders. Lobster Pictures has captured thousands of projects - from commercial skyscrapers to offshore renewables - and work for many of the biggest construction clients across the globe. Find out why thousands of clients trust us with capturing their builds, time after time:


Return On Investment

  • Our time lapse monitoring provides a wealth of efficiencies and cost savings across the lifespan of a project; from reducing the need for site visits and manned photoshoots, to decreasing the requirement for expensive per-seat licenses with our BIM integration. Read more here.


World-Beating Time Lapse Viewer

  • Lobster Vision is so much more than a standard online image archive. It allows you to compare by date and time, review differences, integrate your BIM model and download unlimited high resolution images and automated videos - all through one platform. 
  • Click here to try out Lobster Vision and see how it could be a vital tool for your role, for project management, site monitoring, and content creation.


Data Security

  • All our communications are transmitted over a highly secure VPN. Connections between cameras and servers use 256-bit encryption.
  • Complete peace of mind that your data is in the safest of hands.
  • Read more here.


Market-Leading BIM Integration

  • We were the first to develop this pioneering integration between BIM models and the as-build record, and are constantly developing new features and tools to manage your project.
  • BIM integration allows you to visualise, validate progress against plan, collaborate remotely and share your model without the need for expensive per-seat licenses, all helping to achieve BIM level 2 or 3 compliance on your project. Read more here.


AEC Media Production Expertise

  • We only specialise in Architecture, Engineering and Construction media production - providing you with a wealth of sector-specific experience.
  • We’ll tell the story of your construction, renewables or engineering project to truly engage your audience and achieve your goals. Read more here.


Best-In-Class Time Lapse Cameras

  • From using the highest quality Sigma lenses, to our failsafe monitoring and control systems and the infrastructure surrounding our camera support - you can rest assured in Lobster Pictures capturing the highest quality images, time after time.
  • Download images for use in print and digital marketing content, or zoom in to specific details to ensure what’s happening on site is what you expect, when you expect it. Read more here.


Safety As Standard

  • We have the training, experience, and certifications to work safely on any site, for your ultimate peace of mind. We always produce and review Method Statements and Risk Assessments as standard. Read more here.


Years Of Expertise

  • We’ve been the trusted time lapse supplier for thousands of high profile global construction clients for well over a decade.
  • We put this experience into everything we do, from our service to you, our knowledge in answering your queries and in streamlining processes, to make working with us easy and enjoyable, from start to finish. Read more here.



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