About Our Time Lapse Cameras


Deployable anywhere

Our camera technology is the best long term time lapse currently available on the market and as technical advances are achieved we ensure that it's readily available to you in our Lobster Pots.  We are constantly working to improve upon not only our cameras and their offering from improved waterproofing to durability, but also the capabilities of the information the time lapse cameras capture. Bringing you the best in site monitoring and media production. 


HD, 4K or 8K Resolution

Our 8K cameras are the highest resolution monitored time lapse cameras available. Lobster Pictures are proud to be the first company to have deployed this technology. The new Super High Vision 8K standard will not be available domestically until 2024 - but we've been shooting it since 2012. This is the absolute highest quality and resolution that video can be today - 16 times the frame rate of HD. When shot in 8K resolution, it enables cropping into sections of the video, with resolution remaining at a high level.


Nikon or Canon

We control our own platform, all developed in-house — so we can use any type of DSLR camera from Nikon, Canon or Sony on the Lobster Vision system.



We've developed standard methods for mounting time lapse cameras safely and effectively nearly everywhere - from ships, castles, to flat roofs. Exclusive designs from Lobster Pictures gives you confidence that you’re in safe hands.


Landscape or portrait

Very tall buildings don't work well in 'landscape' style, and vertical screens are becoming more popular. We can now mount cameras in portrait mode without any external changes.


Independent power

We've developed a standard solar and wind unit to power Lobster Pots off-grid - and  tested it through the worst of British winters. With more than enough spare capacity and full remote system monitoring, this means we can install time lapse equipment in even more places than before.


Online anywhere

The Lobster Vision platform - as well as being a stunning viewer, the open-standard Lobster Vision API allows you to integrate deeply with your project management system, BIM software and website.

All of this development is for a reason: we want you to have the best possible time lapse systems for the best possible results.


Download our free Technical Spec Sheet here for more information.

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