360° Long Term Monitored Time Lapse

We've taken Lobster Pot and Lobster Vision to the next level - now integrating full-360° panoramic functions right in Lobster Vision. This gets right to the heart of your site with a complete 360° degree view, wherever you are in the world: from any computer, tablet or smartphone. 


How It Works 

Using the same class-leading technology that we put in every Lobster Pot, we install four extra-wide-angle time lapse cameras on your site. We then set the time lapse cameras up exactly as we would for standard 4K and 8K Lobster Pots. Once these are aligned, perfectly synchronised and shooting, we build a stitching algorithm that integrates all four images into a single, 360° degree panorama. This can be viewed in Lobster Vision and of course works really well on smartphones and tablets - letting you zoom around the image to see the whole picture. Of course, every system is backed up by our team who monitor and maintain each camera remotely, and service is guaranteed.



Pioneers Of 360°

We're innovators in 360° content: we've produced interactive Oculus Rift presentations, built specialist cameras, recently produced a 360° commercial for Scruffs (including co-ordinating climbers on the first Severn crossing)and more. We've brought all our long-term monitored time lapse and 360° knowledge and innovation together to bring you Lobster Vision 360, which we think is the only long-term monitored 360° time lapse solution on the market today.


Special Offer

We're offering the 360° Lobster Vision solution at specially reduced prices for the first few customers. Get in touch today, quoting '360° Offer' - to get this amazing, innovative and useful service showing your site in the round today.