We understand the pressures of ensuring your business has access to a constant flow of original, visual content to share across your platforms and keep your audience engaged. Time lapse shows your project in a way that nothing else can - compressing months or years into mere minutes - and capturing beautiful, visual content at each step of the way.

Lobster Vision – our bespoke viewing platform - is already a valuable tool in many Marketers’ Content Toolkits, easing content creation pressures for many Marketing and PR teams. If you'd like to arrange a free telephone demo, simply contact us to book. Through Lobster Vision, you are able to: 


Download unlimited images 

Download ultra-high resolution images of your project at the click of a button, for sharing across social platforms and adding to blog posts, newsletters, presentations and more. From stunning sunsets to big construction milestones, images are typically captured every 15 minutes and saved to Lobster Vision, so you will have a huge amount of images to choose from, no matter what your content requirement. Project progress can also be very visibly demonstrated with a few simple clicks: simply select two images from different dates and compare these using our comparision tool. Read more here

Image downloads with Lobster Vision


Download time lapse videos

Lobster Vision will automatically generate a 2 minute video edit of your project each week, compressing your entire time lapse footage to-date, for instant download and sharing.

Automatically generated video in Lobster Vision


Embed to website

Some customers even choose to embed the Lobster Vision viewer to a page of their website to drive traffic, improve SEO and bring their audience along for the project journey. This can be created with a time-delay if requested.


Final film and extras

At the end of your project, we create a final broadcast quality promotional time lapse film for you as standard, showcasing the journey of your project for sharing with your audience. We have a dedicated team of editors, and many staff with backgrounds in the creative sector - broadcast TV, photography, music and graphic design. We know how to produce great films that will capture the imagination of colleagues, broadcasters and the public.


We can also create a number of additional pieces of content for you throughout the duration of your project as required, such as:

  • Interim edits - If, during the course of your development, you'd like an early edit of the footage being captured by our time lapse cameras, we can look to put one together for you. For a minimal cost, we will ingest current footage and provide a broadcast quality edit with accompanying soundtrack, graphics and delivered in multiple formats that can be used for any internal and external communication purpose.
  • Social edits - As well as full length time lapse films, we also provide shorter edits of your time lapse projects to be used on your social platforms. Whether you require a 15 second edit for Twitter or a longer edit for Instagram, we can provide multiple edits depending on your requirements.
  • Dayshoot packages - Utilise our acclaimed production facilities to further enhance your time lapse film. At a competitive rate we can provide an experienced camera person to come on-site during development and capture any milestone activity that might be occurring. Whether it’s a spectacular crane delivery, a mammoth concrete pour or dignitaries attending the opening of the building, we can be there to film it at broadcast quality.


Would You Like To Know More?

Click here to chat to us about our social edit and dayshoot packages, or find out how we can help you with content creation. Alternatively, download our Content Creation with Time Lapse free infographic.