Compare The Moment

The comparison tool built into Lobster Vision lets you dive right in and see how the project looked minutes ago, months ago or years ago - side by side. This powerful feature allows you to compare progress in fine detail - in space as well as time. We can also embed BIM models for comparison with the as-built record.

Check out our demonstration camera to see how it works or simply get in touch to book a free telephone demo at a time most convenient to you.



Wipe, Zoom, Repeat

With the ability to 'wipe' horizontally and vertically and zoom in to inspect any detail, it's easy to monitor progress on any site. If you want to pick a different picture, the zoom position is held, so you won't lose your place.


What's The Difference?

The 'difference' mode reveals only what has changed between two Lobster Vision images - everything that stays the same between the two remains dark - allowing you to see with great precision what changes, over minutes or months.


Lobster Vision difference feature


View The Changes, Wherever You Are

As with all our updates to the Lobster Vision viewer, everything is tested to work on any device - browser, tablet or mobile. There is no extra fee for this functionality - it's all part of the service. 


Would You Like To Know More?

If your site does not have a Lobster Pot cameras, contact us today to find out what you're missing, and how we can help your project reach a wider audience. Simply drop us a message here - we'd love to hear from you.