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Building site monitoring service

Keep your building project or construction site in sight with our expert, efficient and accessible monitoring service, Lobster Vision. At the heart of our system is the revolutionary Lobster Pot time lapse camera: a rugged and reliable time lapse camera that's seen service in every corner of the globe. Time lapse photography provides a high-definition record of your build; a project management tool to remotely monitor progress and provide evidence for quick dispute resolution and documentation of due diligence. The final footage will be edited into a broadcast-ready, high quality film to engage your audience.

Most of the projects we capture have hundreds or thousands of people working on them. A large number of these are not on site every day - designers, managers and other stakeholders. Monitored time lapse can reduce the need for site visits, saving time and money, and reducing the carbon footprint of a project.

Trusted by the biggest names in construction to deliver high quality, truly reliable site monitoring and documentation - whatever your project. 



Our world-beating time lapse viewer Lobster Vision is not just a stunning, user-friendly time lapse viewing platform; it acts as a remote site monitoring and project management system to hundreds of clients. 

Furthermore, the open-standard Lobster Vision API allows you to integrate deeply with your project management system, BIM software or website if required. 

View a live BIM-enabled time lapse camera by clicking the image below.


Lobster Vision construction camera viewing platform


Any Device

Lobster Vision is our unique web interface, giving you unlimited access to your project. Ultra high definition photographs are captured and transmitted to our secure servers, where you can access them through your desktop, tablet or mobile. Images can be embedded on your website, or saved for use in print, web or broadcast, and a high definition time lapse film is generated automatically on a weekly basis, so you can have a new film online every week.


Constantly monitored

You can be assured the monitoring and documenting of your construction project is in the safest of hands. All live construction cameras are constantly monitored by our frontline support technicians, so any issues such as the power to the camera being unplugged onsite, or an obstacle obscuring the field of capture, we can react to with speed to resolve the issue for you.


Fully accredited 

We have the training, experience, and certifications to install construction cameras safely almost anywhere - see our full range of accreditations here. As the only provider of time lapse and monitoring with ISO 9001:2015 certification, you have the reassurance of working with a team that is customer-focussed, quality led and constantly striving to exceed your expectations.


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Simply fill out the form below or call us on +44 (0)117 370 4217 and we'll be in touch with a free bespoke no-obligation proposal. We have a sliding scale of costs based on the length of your project and the number of time lapse construction cameras required. We are also certainly able to set up group-level agreements. 


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