Finding Space: The Challenge

London film production company Threefold asked us to provide a timelapse camera solution to their new project for a Ted Baker store in the Bluewater shopping centre, Kent.  Ted Baker is a high street brand that epitomises business chic, gentleman casual dressing and structured fashion, so Threefold needed to showcase that through their coverage of this new store. By using our time lapse cameras for this short term, quick turnaround project - they were guaranteed not to miss a thing.

Interior fit-outs pose a number of challenges for time lapse due to the often small spaces of coverage, the speed in which they happen and the number of people moving on and off site within that time. To acquire the best footage for Threefold we needed a position that would provide a good view for as long as possible – preferably until store opening – without holding up the work. Thankfully we were able to source a spot that worked perfectly for everyone and we installed a time lapse camera quickly and safely - capturing the build process from empty shell to busy shop.


Exploring the Capabilities of Lobster Vision

The production company took full advantage of Lobster Vision, our site monitoring tool - enabling them to check progress, see who was on site and ensure significant moments of the build were covered. All remotely on desktop, mobile and tablet from wherever they were based. If you have an interior fit out project you’d like to monitor with Lobster Vision or you’d like more information about the services we office why not visit our services page or get in touch

Having live updates has allowed us to react to activities and learn the work patterns of the people on site. Our clients find it very useful and exciting: they can keep an eye on progress, check up on their suppliers and share the work-in-progress – it makes them look good and it makes us look good! I cannot imagine doing a long term time lapse without Lobster Vision. It would feel like a complete gamble and you would just have to wait and see what you captured at the end of the project. The system gives me and my clients peace of mind, and confidence that we're capturing the work effectively and creatively.

- Graham Baird, Threefold