Installing with Nature: The Challenge

Time lapse can show the world from different perspectives so you can appreciate how excited we were when the reputable and charitable National Trust asked us to partner with them to help increase return visits to one of their most treasured estates: Stourhead.

The National Trust, who care for unique estates throughout the country, tasked us with producing a video that documents the passing of summer to autumn, at their 18th century Stourhead estate. With its world-famous landscape gardens and habitat of British nature it provided the perfect location for one of our Lobster Pot time lapse cameras. The outcome was incredibly successful: our time lapse cameras captured so much change and adventure throughout the year with the estates spectacular transition in colour and atmosphere that we had no doubt visitors would be encouraged to explore the estate throughout the year.


Beautiful, But Not Plain Sailing

One of the highlights of the estate is its remote location however our time lapse cameras need power and network coverage, a challenge when surrounded by nature.

It all started with the key issue of having no mobile phone signal.  This meant we wouldn’t be able to control the camera, or upload the images to our proprietary monitoring tool and web interface, Lobster Vision. Instead, we tried to wire the camera directly into the office building’s internet connection, but there were one too many trees blocking the connection. To overcome this, we set up a long range wireless network with two legs which went across the lake, but just as we fixed one challenge, there was another in the lack of power. We managed to find a power source in the ticket office that provided enough juice to ensure constant power to allow for instant viewable images online for staff, visitors and general public to see and interact with.


The Result:

“By using time lapse we are able to show the passing of the autumn season in a unique way which will interest visitors and hopefully encourage them to visit more than once. Throughout the process the team at Lobster Pictures provided very high quality customer service and we’re extremely pleased with the quality of the final film and photo package.”

-Lisa Gledhill, Video Communications Officer for the National Trust