Fire, Art and Safety: The Challenge

The French arts group Cie Carabosse transformed Stonehenge into a magical ‘Fire Garden’ for two nights as part of the London 2012 celebration. Cie Carabosse are a street art company who for 15 years have taken over public spaces all over the world to bring a new art form to the general public; turning flames into beauty through burning sculptures, rows of candles and spiritual dance.

We were asked by Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival to produce a film of the event, and to provide management, safe access and footage for international TV arts and news broadcasters, including the BBC, Sky and CNN.  The request at short notice and on a tight budget, needed to express the magic of the fire festival at this iconic location.

We recommended the use of four time lapse cameras, video shooters, a field editor and two manned scissor-lifts over the course of the 3 day festival. Footage would need to be compiled and edited on site, then placed on our fast servers for broadcasters to use. So that’s just what we did. It was imperative that in the build up to the festival that the cameras were successfully installed without damage to Stonehenge and at a safe distance of the general public and the fires themselves. Thankfully this all went without a hitch and the festival and the final time lapse film was a huge success, with the BBC featuring the time lapse footage on their website and in public broadcasts.

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The Result

Through a highly creative approach, innovative camerawork and meticulous planning, Robbie (Allen, MD) and his team produced superb quality footage which brilliantly communicated the magical event in the changing evening light.  The team made the footage available immediately to the hundreds of footage-hungry international journalists covering the event, reaching a global audience, and within a matter of days created a work of art, a short film of the Fire Garden, which continues to inspire all who see it.

- Maria Bota, Festival Director