A Multifaceted Project: The Challenge

The global contracting company Multiplex asked us to provide consultation and services to monitor, document and publicise the development of a new highrise development ‘Aldgate Tower’ in London. We had to work closely with the project team and marketing department to address different stakeholder needs, including:


Project Management

Briefed to provide a robust, web accessible camera system to allow monitoring and documentation of the project and aid stakeholder communication - we worked together to suggest camera positions and to provide specific edits to meet the project communication needs.


Group Marketing 

We were asked to provide internal and external PR material. We worked closely with the marketing department to deliver engaging and informative footage that would help publicise the project internally and to help demonstrate Multiplex's capability to potential clients. This required a flexible, brand-sensitive approach to produce different edits for different applications. There was also a requirement to supplement the long term footage with 'day shooting' of the installation of the Building Maintenance Unit midway through the project.


Working with the Board

During our work on this project we were asked to help provide board level communication and visibility to the projects that we worked on for Brookfield Multiplex. We provided them with a portfolio of high quality stills, multi-project viewers and ongoing development of a corporate showreel.


Phased Delivery: 

The Aldgate Tower project was intricate and required a phased delivery of work which included:

  • Site visits, planning and recommendations.
  • Installation of three time lapse cameras (Lobster Pots) to capture the complete development.
  • Additional cameras and camera moves to capture detailed work as needed.
  • Day shooting of specific 'event' based activity.
  • Ongoing project management of the camera settings and schedule.
  • Ongoing remote support monitoring camera connectivity, power supply and shot continuity.
  • Tailored post production work.

The delivery of our time lapse cameras, footage and site monitoring was extremely successful both for us and the teams working on Aldgate Tower. Resulting in us collaborating with Brookfield Multiplex on a number of additional sites throughout the UK.

If you have a complex project you require site monitoring and time lapse for or would like to discuss using our Media Production services please get in touch with a member of our team


The Result:

"A big thank you for the film - it looks great and was extremely well received. So good that I've now been asked to present it  at another event. Your work has set a benchmark for quality." 

- George Amy, Project Manager, Construction