Transforming your Everyday

Over our ten years of operation, we have installed our Lobster Pot time lapse cameras on oil rigs, wind turbines, ships, in deserts, close to the Arctic Circle… you name it, we’ve installed it! We have a huge range of masts, brackets, mounts and towers specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of different sites and are able to develop and custom-build bespoke solutions for those more complex or unusual projects.

We have designed, built and deployed solar, wind and even methanol fuel cell power solutions where mains power isn’t available, and have even installed our own internet access points on sites outside of cellular range. So whether your goal is construction site monitoring, AEC time lapse media production, stakeholder engagement, content creation - or all of the above - we relish the opportunity to flex our grey matter and develop tailored solutions to whatever challenges your site can throw at us.

View a snapshot of the projects we have worked on below.