Your Story from every angle

360° video allows you to be completely immersed in a scene with full control to look around and interact. It works across all platforms: mobile and tablet, browser and VR headset, for the most involving experience. We've made films from tall cargo cranes, on container ships, even astronomy time lapse (move your mouse on the video or use the W,A,S,D keys):


We worked with the team at Lobster Pictures to create the world's first 360° immersive port tour. Their advice, skills and willingness to make this project work were spot on throughout the project. It's a totally new way to make an impact on existing and potential customers.

- Sue Turner, Director of Communications, The Bristol Port Company

The Heart of the Action

360° panoramic video lets you show your site, product or story from every angle at once. This puts your viewers in control and at the heart of the action, wherever in the world they are.


How We Do It

We've developed our own camera systems for maximum resolution - producing incredibly detailed high-resolution environments - as well as using 'off the shelf' solutions. We've also designed a software platform for playback and interaction across smartphones, tablets and browsers. We've designed a unique method of interaction for Oculus RiftTM  and other VR headsets that navigates just by looking at objects. 


Video, Interaction and Time Lapse

With many years' experience of producing high-end films for construction and engineering projects all over the world, we know how to use this unique, highly immersive technology to tell your story in the most engaging way. As time lapse specialists, of course our custom built systems will produce film-quality panoramic time lapse for hours or more.

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