Time lapse to document your project


Capture months or years in one efficient, engaging format for an all-encompassing overview of your construction or engineering project.


Construction site monitoring

Readily accessible imagery is invaluable for improving communications. It can also generate substantial savings in time and costs.

Lobster Vision allows you to view, share and collaborate on your project remotely. It's used by clients all over the world to:

  • Save money on site visits, particularly when staff are internationally distributed
  • Keep stakeholders, managers and the public informed
  • Resolve disputes 
  • Check progress to schedule


Lobster Vision time lapse viewing platform


Stunning Marketing and PR 

Time lapse shows your project in a way that nothing else can - compressing months or years into mere minutes. The format engages viewers - telling the story effectively for all audiences. There's nothing quite like it for changing perceptions, creating confidence, and engaging stakeholders. 

Lobster Vision provides high-quality, high-resolution photography and video you can use across web, print and broadcast channels.


Project Documentation 

Time lapse meets a growing need to document site progress for planning, due diligence, claims, internal communications, legacy information and even dispute resolution. 

All images are archived securely and accessible from anywhere with Lobster Vision. Times and dates are captured so you can easily compare progress. We can produce video from any time segment or the whole project, and overlay any project statistics or information you wish to include.


Lobster Pot

Lobster Pot cameras use only professional-grade digital SLR cameras and lenses for the absolute highest possible quality. So they show your site as it's meant to be - with zero distortion, day and night. With cameras shooting away on high-profile construction and engineering projects from Beijing to Bolivia, our clients know that they're getting the best possible results, anywhere in the world.


Sports Cameras 

Whilst we love the new generation of sports cameras - the quality they produce is nowhere near the standard our clients demand for 100% reliable time lapse, day in, day out, for months and years at a time. Take a look at the comparison video below to find out more.




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