Remote construction site monitoring 

Keep your site in sight with our expert, efficient and accessible monitoring service, Lobster Vision. At the heart of our system is the revolutionary Lobster Pot: a rugged and reliable time lapse camera that's seen service in every corner of the globe. Time lapse photography provides a high-definition record of your build; a project management tool to remotely monitor progress and provide evidence for quick dispute resolution, and documentation of due diligence. Furthermore, many of our clients use Lobster Vision as a content tool; downloading unlimited print-ready images and automated video directly from the platform.


Online, Anywhere

We go further, giving you the ability to view, measure and share your projects from anywhere in the world, at any time. With secure cellular networking, the Lobster Pot has recorded countless construction and engineering projects in every conceivable environment, providing the kind of astonishing detail that cuts down on site visits and saves both time and money.

Any Device

Lobster Vision is our unique web interface, giving you unlimited access to your project. Ultra high definition photographs are captured and transmitted to our secure servers, where you can access them through your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Images can be embedded on your website, or saved for use in print, web or broadcast, and our high definition time lapse films are generated automatically, so you can have a new film online every week.



Safety Accredited 

Our technicians are accredited to work safely in almost every industrial environment. We take safety seriously. With secure cellular networking, the Lobster Pot has recorded countless construction and engineering projects across a vast array of challenging sites. View our safety accreditations here or download our free Supplier Accreditations and Why they Matter infographic.

For more information, download our free General Service Overview Spec Sheet or our Technical Spec Sheet. Alternatively, simply get in touch to book a free demo of our Lobster Vision viewing platform at a time convenient to you.


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