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Now you can track the progress of your internal works, with a digital twin of your site.

Through our partnership with OpenSpace we offer many of our clients a project management solution for internal works. This online platform works brilliantly in synergy with the range of technologies and services we provide. Create a digital twin of your site for users to interact with online, on any device. We'll set you up with all the equipment, training and support that you need - just send us your floorplans to get started.


Review your site in 360°

✓ Track and verify from anywhere

View, navigate the worksite and download pictures from anywhere on any device.

✓ Share data the way you want

Share field notes with your team or download reports as a PDF at the click of a button.

✓ Easy and automated documenting

Add detailed images and notes while you walk – and the software automatically pins them to floor plans.

✓ Comparison tool

Compare how the project looked internally on different dates with a split screen view.

✓ Unlimited capture

Easily walk around your site to start capturing, as many times as you want throughout the project.

✓ Stay organised

Assign tasks to colleagues so you can manage the project delivery streamlessly with an automated track record.


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