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Deployable anywhere

Our construction time lapse camera technology is the best long term time lapse currently available on the market, and with each technical advancement, we ensure that it's readily available to you in our Lobster Pots.

Trusted by the biggest names in construction to deliver high quality, truly reliable site monitoring and documentation - whatever your project.


Time lapse - ONLINE. ANYWHERE. 

Our world-beating time lapse viewer Lobster Vision is not just a stunning, user-friendly viewing platform; it acts as a remote project management system to numerous clients, proving invaluable in terms of site monitoring, documenting and archiving, and content creation. Compare and download unlimited high-resolution images, monitor weather information and watch the progress of your project unfold with an automatically generated two-minute time lapse video - updated each week and available for instant download.

Furthermore, the open-standard Lobster Vision API allows you to integrate deeply with your project management system, BIM software or website if required. View a live camera by clicking the image below.


Lobster Vision construction camera viewing platform


BIM integration capacity 

With Lobster Vision Building Information Modelling (BIM) integration - the first integration of its kind - you can now view and share your model, accurately aligned with the high-resolution photographic record, from anywhere, helping you to achieve Level 2 or 3 BIM compliance on your construction project. Placing the model directly into the as-built record means you can compare the model from any camera angle, at any time in the past, and ‘fast forward’ to see how the building will look into the future. View a live BIM-enabled camera here.


Vast range of mounting solutions

We are experts in the field of construction cameras, and have a huge range of mounting solutions to suit the complexities of your site. Get in touch today and one of our experts can advise on the best solution for your requirements. We've developed standard methods for mounting time lapse cameras safely and effectively nearly everywhere - from ships, to castles, to flat roofs - throw us a challenge!


HD, 4K or 8K Resolution

Our 8K construction time lapse cameras are the highest resolution monitored time lapse cameras available. We are proud to be the first company to have deployed this technology. The new Super High Vision 8K standard will not be available domestically until 2024 - but we've been shooting it since 2012. This is the absolute highest quality and resolution that video can be today - 16 times the frame rate of HD. When shot in 8K resolution, it enables cropping into sections of the video, with resolution remaining at a high level.





Constantly monitored time lapse 

You can be assured the monitoring and documenting of your construction project is in the safest of hands. All live construction time lapse cameras are constantly monitored by our frontline support technicians, so any issues such as the power to the camera being unplugged onsite, or an obstacle obscuring the field of capture, we can react to with speed to resolve the issue for you.


Fully accredited 

We have the training, experience, and certifications to install construction cameras safely almost anywhere - see our full range of accreditations here. We always produce and review Method Statements and Risk Assessments for our work, and we never take risks with the safety of anyone on site. As the only provider of time lapse and monitoring with ISO 9001:2015 certification, you have the reassurance of working with a team that is customer-focussed, quality led and constantly striving to exceed your expectations.



Very tall buildings don't work well in 'landscape' style, and vertical screens are becoming more popular. We can mount cameras in portrait mode without any external changes.



We've developed an effective solar rig to power our Lobster Pot time lapse construction cameras off-grid where mains electricity isn't an option. Get in touch to find out more. 


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