Posted on September 05, 2018

You guessed it: we love photography. Going hand-in-hand with the site monitoring aspect of what we do; capturing crisp, stunning images in up to 8K and creating engaging, broadcast-quality films forms the core of our service offering. We truly care about the quality of our images and take our media production very seriously - it's what we feel truly sets us apart. With a dedicated team of editors, and many staff with backgrounds in the creative sector - broadcast TV, photography, music and graphic design - we strive to constantly produce great films and images that will capture the imagination of colleagues, broadcasters, stakeholders and the public.

We take our inspiration from a range of sources - both those who are doing groundbreaking things in the field of construction photography, and also the wider field of photography and filmmaking as a whole.

If, like us, you have lots going on and little time, then you need information quickly; distilled, curated and ready for review. In our Six of the Best series, we compile key resources that may be most useful - summed up concisely in one easy, at-a-glance list for you to bookmark for future reference. This week, we look at resources for photography news, tips and advice, and also a few accounts for photographic inspiration.



Fstoppers describe themselves as an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. Founded in 2010 by Patrick Hill and Lee Morris, Fstoppers’ website now reaches a vast audience of 1.5 million per month. Tutorials, reviews and an active community section means there really is something for everyone.



Jason Hawkes specialises in aerial photography, and has an incredible eye for capturing architectural shapes and structures. Based just outside of London, the skyscrapers of the capital make up a large proportion of his subject matter, and his Twitter feed is regularly updated with stunning shots from the City, often covering buildings where we have Lobster Pot time lapse cameras installed, such as The Scalpel and 100 Bishopsgate.


Jason Hawkes Bishopsgate.

Image permission kindly granted by Jason Hawkes 



Moment make lenses, cases and equipment to turn your phone into a pro camera. But more than that, they provide inspiration, reviews and insight into gear, travel and pro tips in their helpful and visually appealing ‘Momentist’ blog. Check out their Pros section, covering features such as their ‘how this was shot’ series, disclosing behind the scenes information and interviews covering recent shoots, or their Tips section, with features from ‘How to edit the perfect beach photo’ to ‘The ultimate guide to shooting manual photography on mobile’.



With a regularly updated Instagram, a whopping 133k followers, and a blog featuring his recent work, Michael Tomas often focuses on the buildings of the capital, using both still and time lapse imagery to document his subject matter. Michael also specialises in single day, day to night or night to day holy grail transitions, motion time lapses and hyperlapses - check out his recent videos here. 

London Viewpoints - Michael Tomas.

Image permission kindly granted by Michael Tomas, London Viewpoints 



Another great resource, DIY Photography (or DIYP for short) started in 2006 ‘as a place for gear lusting photographers (hence the name)’... however it swiftly evolved into a one-stop shop for inspiration, education, and a community of like-minded photographers to share advice.



No photography resource list would be complete without the behemoth that is PetaPixel. With 1.07m followers on Twitter, their website covers everything from news and equipment reviews, to tips and tutorials. Check out articles from subjects as varied as ‘How to find the perfect angle’ to ‘TIME’s latest cover photo featuring 958 drones’.

Oh, and don’t miss ‘Photos of KFC fried chicken as fiery explosions’!


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