At Lobster Pictures, we’re here to help you manage your construction projects more effectively and, above all, safely in response to Covid-19. Lobster Vision is ready to give you more control over your project now and in the future, as all of our working practices adapt.  

Lobster Vision enables you to watch, visualise and share progress from anywhere, reducing the number of workers on-site and empowering those who remain working from home. Lobster Vision allows your team to:


  • View and visualise progress remotely with fewer people needed on site.
  • Keep on track by comparing the work over any period - even fast-forward to the future.
  • Check that personnel are meeting the 2-metre social distancing rules.
  • Accurately see what’s been done and when.
  • Create quality marketing materials quickly and easily to promote your project


With our latest feature, you can also produce your own video at full resolution to promote your project with a professional time lapse film at the touch of a button.  In addition, you can integrate Lobster Vision with other software using the API - including products from Autodesk and Bentley.


Time lapse cameras installation


Health and safety is always of paramount importance for us here at Lobster Pictures. We have developed guidelines for the safe deployment and removal of cameras from sites in light of Covid-19. These guidelines are in line with Government advice and have been produced in liaison with our clients. We will arrange a telephone or online discussion with your team before the project starts to check that our safety standards are aligned.

As part of our guidelines, we are ensuring that our technicians arrive on-site separately and remain at least two metres apart whilst working. If at any time this is not possible, they will wear appropriate PPE. Any one-use PPE can be disposed of on-site following your company’s processes. For more information, please contact us


How to benefit from Lobster Vision on your site


Call us on 0117 370 4217 to get the ball rolling. We will ask about the project, the duration, the number of cameras, any particular parts of the construction you want to monitor and any software integration you may need. You can also tell us more about your project by sending us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.

Posted on May 13, 2020, by Robbie Allen