Posted on June 12, 2019

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been introducing you to the talented folk behind our Lobster Pot time lapse monitoring camera and Lobster Vision time lapse viewer. Now it’s time to say hello to Account Manager Adam, who has the vital role of keeping our clients happy. 



When you get in touch with an enquiry about our services, it’s likely you’ll speak to Adam, one of our friendly Account Managers. He's your first point of contact with us all the way through to the order stage, when you're passed over to our Operations team. As a brilliant communicator, Adam is here to tailor our services to match your project. He loves to learn all about your role, requirements and challenges and then takes you on a tour of what we can provide for your particular needs. Outside work, he’s a talented photographer – and an adrenaline cyclist! 

Lobster Pictures Staff - Adam Account Manager


We caught up with Adam to find out more about his role, why he loves his job so much, and how he could help achieve your project goals too.


How long have you worked for Lobster Pictures? 

I’ve been keeping busy helping customers at Lobster for five years now!  


What did you do before this role?

Previously I worked for a production equipment hire company which provided lights, rigs and cameras. I spotted this role at Lobster pop up, and it just ticked all the boxes for me – photography, customer relationship building, architecture … and of course, right next door to a pub!


What does a typical day look like for you?

After my essential morning espresso, I’ll start by checking and responding to all my emails, then approaching my to-do list, which is usually filled with calls to make and clients to follow up.

I like to respond to inbound enquiries as they come in and usually, I’ll take the caller through all the tools and features of Lobster Vision, which helps us both to envisage their project coming to life.

A couple of times a month, I’ll meet clients on site and choose to carry out a site survey. It’s always useful to meet a client face to face and understand the technical challenges of that specific site more thoroughly.


Have you got a favourite project?

Well, this is tricky to answer because I can’t mention some of my favourite projects because they’re under strict NDA (I could tell you, but then I’ll have to kill you!) 

One I can mention is The Scalpel building on Lime Street, in the heart of London's financial district, which is a great project and uses our 8K solution.


The Scalpel from Lobster Pictures on Vimeo


What's the best part of the job?

It’s all about helping our clients. I love problem-solving for them and closing deals.


What's the toughest part?

During school holidays when lots of stakeholders take annual leave, it can be difficult to get hold of people to finalise their projects.


What do you like doing outside of work?

Out of hours, I enjoy producing music, club photography and travel.

Adrenaline cycling should also get a mention here. My colleagues are always pleasantly surprised to see me arrive in one piece after my cycle into work … I have a bit of a reputation!

New York architecture (c) Adam Streames

© Adam Streames: stunning shot of New York architecture.


What advice would you give to a school leaver looking to move into a similar role?

Don’t worry about going down a traditional route! Be prepared to listen and always expect to learn and keep learning. In my role, I’m working with individuals who have an idea of what they want to achieve and it’s up to me to help them reach their goals. Flexibility is essential, as well as being responsive and approachable.

If you thrive on being busy, ticking off your to-do lists, and helping people achieve their goals, you’ll be happy in this role. Ultimately you need to love what you do. I genuinely do.


Say hello! 

Adam would love to hear about your project and advise how best our product and service can help support you with challenges you may be facing in your role. Drop him an email.