Posted on June 19, 2020

We thought another Meet the Team blog was long overdue, so today we’re shining the spotlight on Barney, our System Administrator and all-round computer whizz. Barney is a longstanding member of the Lobster Pictures Team, working here for over a decade. When he’s not busy managing the systems and updating the tech behind our time lapse cameras, he’s a creative technologist. Get to know Barney... 


Meet Barney

Barney is the go-to for all computer and tech things at Lobster. He’s responsible for looking after our servers, maintaining the current systems, problem-solving and ensuring everything is ticking over. But simultaneously,  he’s central to developing the hardware that runs on our cameras and delivering new products for our customers.


Barney, Lobster Pictures, Bristol.


How long have you worked here?

10 years plus


What did you do before this role?

I was looking after big clusters of servers and maintaining systems and networks, experience I’ve drawn upon and extended in my role here.


What's the best part of the job?

The best part is definitely designing new stuff and developing new ideas as a team. On an ongoing basis we’re reiterating and updating our unique Lobster Pot cameras to meet the needs of our customers and to push the limits of what our technology can do.




Are there any particular challenges?

A primary challenge is to keep all the plates spinning combining day-to-day maintenance with continuing to push forward on new product developments. 

The biggest challenge arose when I joined the Lobster team, and we changed the way the cameras work and created the systems and servers from scratch. 


Have you got a favourite project?

It has to be a project we managed for the National Trust at the beautiful setting of Stourhead. This is the only installation I’ve been on so it really stands out. Senior Technician, Luke and I placed a camera in a Victorian folly, the Temple of Apollo, and as there was no mobile network available, we had to set up a wireless network across the lake to the ticket office and a tree. It was a challenge to line it all up and really satisfying to see it all working well. 




What do you like doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy creating installation art pieces. Recently, I’ve made a camera that uses AI to create poems from photos; images are fed into a neural net which generates captions that are reformatted into poems and printed out. I performed it at the Electromagnetic Field Festival and hope to create something for them again.  


What advice would you give to a school leaver looking to move into a similar role?

Play with computers, break them, fix them, make them do weird things. 


Great advice I’m sure you’ll agree. You can enjoy getting to know more of the friendly Lobster team on our blog.

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