Posted on December 19, 2018

It's all started to feel a little festive here at the Lobster Pictures HQ after our office Christmas party last week - so we felt it was time to sprinkle the seasonal goodwill a little further afield! 

We pulled together a collection of cameras, lenses and accessories to donate to another local school, in what is fast becoming a Lobster Christmas tradition.

This Monday, we headed down to Colston's Girl's School in central Bristol to see Head of Art, Debra Pascoe, to deliver the kit and have a look around the Art Department... aka Where The Magic Happens!

Lobster Pictures MD at Colston Girls School.

Debra Pascoe and Lobster Pictures MD Robbie Allen


"We are absolutely delighted with the donation! We really couldn't be more thrilled. There are often pupils who are incredibly talented creatively, but drawing or painting isn't a medium that works for them, so being able to express themselves through photography is extremely important.

Photography is becoming increasingly popular with our students - and this donation means we can offer more cameras for them to use, to inspire the next generation of photographers!"

Debra Pascoe, Head of Art, Colston's Girl's School

Canon photography equipment.

The full line up: This year's donation of cameras to a local school

This year’s haul consisted of five Canon 1200Ds, three 50mm F1.8 Prime lenses, a Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 lens and a Canon 18-55mm F3.5 lens, along with a whole host of accessories to help complete the package.

The school had around 6 cameras within the Art Department prior to our donation, so we're absolutely delighted to be able to almost double the amount of cameras available to the pupils there.

Robbie Allen at Colston Girls School Bristol donating camera equipment.

Lobster Pictures MD Robbie Allen said, "having access to good camera equipment in education is essential. I was lucky to attend a university course with film SLRs and very early versions of Photoshop - I could never have afforded that sort of thing as an impoverished student. Now that we build and deploy hundreds of cameras a year, it’s great to be able to help inspire the next generation."

We can't wait to see the work captured and created with the new kit, and are looking forward to popping in during the new year to see how it's all been used. 

Merry Christmas from all of us at Lobster Pictures!