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How are cameras powered?

Our cameras can be powered by either a 110v and 240v ceeform socket or a 240v domestic socket. If there is no mains power available on site, we can power the cameras using solar and a battery set.


How much power do the cameras use?

On mains power the running cost is less than £1 per month.


How quickly can you install?

For UK projects we generally aim towards a 2 week lead time, from the date of the order. We will always do what we can to accommodate urgent requests, but we do recommend contacting us as early as possible to ensure a space. During busy periods, we can get booked up for months at a time. As part of our quality procedures, we complete a site visit, RA/MS, a site report, before we can install - so if you can give our team as much notice as possible, it's greatly appreciated. This also gives you and your stakeholders plenty of time to discuss camera locations, and review the different options we have laid out for you within the site report.


Will I need to give more notice for Third-Party camera locations?

If the camera locations are likely to be on a third-party site - we recommend booking well in advance. The time it takes for access and permissions to be approved can be unpredictable, so we recommend you to leave sufficient time (6 months is usually good enough notice for most building managers, although we been lucky before with good relationships that have helped with permission within weeks).


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