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8k Camera Systems

The ultimate time lapse camera. Monitor your site in exceptional clarity, and a wider field of view.

Your 8K cameras allow you to zoom in twice as much via the Lobster Vision platform and still see what is happening on your site in a high level of detail. There are twice as many megapixels captured using an 8k camera than a 6k camera, and four times that of a 4k camera, meaning that you can capture evidence on site, record progress and identify on-site activities in ultimate clarity.


Track your project in 8K

Zoom in to see areas of the site in high detail when the works are far away from the camera location.
Clearer identification of deliveries to site and crucial information such as vehicle registration plates.
Wider frame and Field of View (FoV) capturing more of your site, made possible with our premium 8K lens.
Ultra clarity with up to 51 megapixels and 8000 x 5000 resolution, more than double than the capture of a 6K camera.
Premium specification with industry leading camera lenses; Canon ‘L’ Series, Nikkor premium or Zeiss prime.  
Future proof content that will be in circulation for years to come in internal comms, or showcasing to new clients.